Quick & Easy Holiday Treats

For the holiday season some of my favorite gifts to give are treats!! Everybody loves a sweat treat and I’m gonna show you guys how to make a couple super simple and quick ones!

First we will be making adorable “edible ornaments” made out of chocolate dipped Oeros. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Oreos
  • White Chocolate
  • Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Sprinkles, M&M’s, and other decorations
Start off by unwrapping, then halving the mini peanut butter cups. You want to slice these down the center while they are standing upright. Next, melt your white chocolate. To make it faster and easier I did mine in the microwave at 30 second intervals. I used a whole bag (and then some) white chocolate chips for an entire package of Oreos. I then dipped each Oreo into the chocolate until it was fully coated and let the excess drip off until placing onto a non-stick surface. I used a sil-pat but parchment paper, or even a plate could work. Then, I put the halved peanut butter cup with the cut side face down and the wider edge on the Oreo. Then, the fun part! Decorate with any edible goodies! I used sprinkles and M&M’s! These cool really quickly. I just left mine out to harden and it took about 30-45 minutes. I absolutely love how these came out I think they are adorable and look so similar to little ball ornaments!IMG_6150
This next recipe is perfect to make a lot of because they are SO FAST and they are the perfect pairing for some hot coco this time of year.
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Marshmallows (preferably JUMBO)
  • Chocolate
  • Candy CanesIMG_6151
I started out this recipe by melting the chocolate in the microwave at 30 second intervals. While that was melting I began to unwrap the chocolate and put them in a baggie to pulverize. One time I actually saw a prepackaged bag of crushed candy canes and regret buying it especially for this recipe so if you find one of those, snag it and skip this step! Next, I took the marshmallows and dipped the end into the chocolate and then into the pulverized candy canes. These are seriously SO simple but so yummy on their own, or in some coco. They also only take about 30 minutes for the chocolate to harden. IMG_6157
I hope you enjoyed these yummy treats!! Check out my YOUTUBE channel to see what I’ve been up to every day leading up to Christmas, and stay tuned for some fun posts on NYC in the winter time!! (:
– Sophia Tatiana

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

HEY EVERYONE! This year for the holidays I decided to step up my gift wrapping game, and I wanted to share how I did so!

I started by choosing a theme of simplistic wrapping. For the paper I chose basic brown Kraft paper (also known as postal paper). I found mine for a really good deal at the Dollar Tree! You can also find similar rolls at Target, Walmart, and any craft store. IMG_5170Next I chose red and white bakers twine, as well as red burlap twine. I used this in place of those plastic shiny ribbons that are difficult to curl, and let’s be honest, don’t look that nice. IMG_5172I grabbed some adorable sparkly gold and white holiday stickers to spruce up the gifts. Lastly, I found these AMAZING gift tags. These really tied the whole look together and stayed with the simple, yet elegant wrapping theme. These chalkboard sticky tags are from Target. I simply used a white chalkboard marker (any color would be amazing!) and I couldn’t be happier with how my wrapping turned out! IMG_5171 IMG_5175 IMG_5177 IMG_5186If you want to see me and get more details be sure to check out my YouTube video HERE to see how I did it. Did you guys know I’m doing VLOGMAS?! I am posting a video on my YouTube channel EVERY SINGLE DAY leading up to Christmas!!! Be sure to subscribe to see more fun Christmas crafts, adventures, and getting cozy in preparation for the best holiday of the year! (:

Check in with me on Tuesday to see how I stay cozy this holiday season! -Sophia Tatiana

DIY Holiday Friend Gifts

Hey guys! There are just a few weeks until Christmas!! I always find it a bit challenging to decide what to do for a bunch of my friends or coworkers around the holiday season, but this year I decided to get crafty! (If you’re a good friend out coworker I advise clicking out of this post (;  )

First I made super simple hair ties. These hair bands have been super trendy recently. They are also great because they don’t tug on your hair as much, look super cute on your wrist, and come in a plethora of colors and patterns. Making these is insanely easy.

I bought 5/8ths fold over elastic at the fabric store, measured and cut it into 8 inch strips, tied a knot at the end, and melted the fringe on the ends to keep them from unraveling. HOW EASY?! You can seriously make dozens of these in such a short amount of time. Not to mention, making them is super cheap. All you need to buy is the fold over elastic which costs under $2 for a spool (this can also be found cheaper online or use coupons!). I’ve been in stores recently such as Jcrew where they were selling a 5-pack of these hair ties for $12.50. You can easily make about 6 of these hair ties with one spool for less than $2! What a great gift to give to your friends this holiday season! IMG_6047 Tie HairtieNext, I made Terracotta Clay Essential Oil Diffusing Necklaces. These are amazing! I love the health benefits of essential oils and that you can blend and cater them to your exact needs. These necklaces act as a diffuser which is great since many oils can be too harsh to apply directly to your skin. Instead, you add a few drops of your oil or blend of choice, and wear this necklace while it diffuses the oils and allows the oils to reap their benefits.

I bought my terracotta clay at a craft store along with black waxed string. I started out but slicing the clay into sections which I then rolled into balls. At first, I made them too big and determined the best size for these pendants would start as a cherry sized ball. Then, I flattened it out into a circle or oval. I dabbed my fingers into some water to run over the surface and edges in order to smooth out the pendant. Next, I took a wooden skewer and added any design that came to mind. Don’t forget to poke a hole through the top to attach the pendant to string! I got clay that air dried – it took about 2 days to completely dry. There are also kinds or clay that bake which would be quicker. Lastly, I cut the waxed string into 32 inch pieces, folded it in half, and strung both ends through the bottom side of the pendant. I then made a knot both to secure the string to the pendant, and another at the end of the string in order to fasten it around your neck. These necklaces are extremely thoughtful and could be customized to any of your friends and family! IMG_6051 IMG_6056 IMG_6130I hope you all enjoyed these unique ideas for easy and cheap DIY gifts for your friends and family! Here is a video tutorial of how I made these gifts!

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  • Sophia Tatiana


3 Ways to Style L.L. Bean Boots

HAPPY DECEMBER!! This month is super exciting and will be full of fun posts! I’ll be doing new blog posts ever Tuesday and Saturday. Not only that, but I will also be doing Vlogmas!! For those who don’t know, Vlogmas is when you post video blogs on YouTube every single day leading up to Christmas. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE to stay up to date (: Now, onto the boots!

As we all know, the ever classic L.L. Bean boots are all the rage right now. For the second year in a row these boots are backordered until March (if not later!!!!) in almost every size and style. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, here’s how to style them. (Also, if you’re in need of a pair let me know and this Maine girl might be able to hook you up)

I brought my adorable puppy, Sailor, to the park and she enjoyed chewing sticks and helping make me and my outfits look cuter (;

I styled the L.L. Bean ‘Thinsulate’ Boots in the tan/brown color. For my first outfit I went with sporty / outdoors look. I paired my boots with some cozy wool socks, leggings, and a Patagonia fleece, and a black Patagonia vest. I also topped off the look with a white monogrammed hat which I was given as a gift, but I believe it was from Etsy. This look is perfect for a chill day at home or hiking. IMG_5692 IMG_5699 IMG_5705 IMG_5709

I decided to spruce up my second outfit and changed out my fleece and vest for  an L.L. Bean flannel and threw on a white faux fur vest. This is an ideal look for when you want to be comfy and stick to the classic L.L. Bean look, but with a hint of chic style. IMG_5760 IMG_5752

For my last outfit I went with a practical winter look. I changed out my leggings for warm dark washed jeans, and my flannel and fur vest for a simple forest green sweater from Express. I also added a thick knit headband which matched the sweater from H&M. I traded out the wool socks for some cream cable knit socks to dress up the look a little more. This outfit is great for staying warm, and looking cute. IMG_5836 IMG_5875 IMG_5874 IMG_5882 IMG_5905 IMG_5910 IMG_5963 IMG_5990

The best part about L.L. Bean Boots is that they are so versatile! You can make them look relaxed, chic, or practical. Their practicality, warmth, and water resistance comes in handy during December (and through March if you are also a Maine girl).

Thanks for checking in!! Be sure to subscribe to my blog, as well as my vlog channel to see my future holiday posts!! Happy December (: