Spring Tea Time

Nothing says spring is here quite like a tea party. This post is less of a how-to and more of an inspirational photo journal of my tea time treats. I love tea parties and all of the mini bite sized snacks that go along with it. I am loving the warmer weather and being outside with the sun shining and enjoying good company. I hope this post inspires you to make some yummy treats, set up a cute tea party, and enjoy the company of the people who make your day brighter!


I made a few mini treats for this afternoons tea time. I made mini chocolate chip cookies with mini chips. I don’t know what it is but these are SO much better than regular sized cookies. I just followed the recipe on the back of a Tollhouse chocolate chips.

For my other treats I tried two new recipes that I thought would be perfect for a spring tea time. The first were mini lemon bundt cakes. These are so moist and yummy and HERE is the recipe I used. I dusted mine with powdered sugar afterwards.

I wanted a pop of color on my treat plate and decided to go with a simple homemade yellow cake with a mixed berry butter cream. I baked my cake batter in mason jars to make them bite sized. I love the exposed frosted cake look and that’s what I went for here. I sliced the mason jar cakes into multiple sliced and filled it with the berry frosting and topped it with some as well. HERE is the frosting recipe I used as a guide.

Lastly, for my drink I went with a muddled berry seltzer. It’s a warm day so I didn’t want hot tea and I’m not the biggest fan of iced tea. Instead, I took a bit of the mashed berry mixture before adding it to the buttercream frosting and added it to my seltzer water. This was so yummy and refreshing.

Happy spring! Enjoy your tea time, see you next week! (:

-Sophia Tatiana



Quick & Easy Easter Treats

Easter is quickly approaching … Who is ready for a candy and sugar overload!? Need some ideas for your Easter get together? Look no further! (:

First, I am making adorable springy dessert cups. All you’ll need is pudding (and ingredients per pudding instructions), cute cups (mine are from Target), crushed Oreos, strawberries, and white chocolate with orange food coloring (or orange candy melts).IMG_7843

Start by making the pudding following the instructions on the box. You can eat this recipe with warm, or cooled pudding depending on your preference. I went with chilled. While my pudding was chilling in my super cute dessert cups I started coating the strawberries in the chocolate. Make sure to go as close to the stem as possible to hide that this is a strawberry. Next, crush your Oreos and put them overtop of the chilled pudding. Lastly, add your “carrot” aka chocolate covered strawberry!! These “carrots in the dirt” are super cute and springy. They are also super easy to make, especially if you have a lot of mouths to feed!IMG_7848 IMG_7850

Next, I made this ADORABLE vanilla red velvet shake. I really wanted to dress mine up for the occasion. I started with glass “milk” bottles which I found in the Target dollar spot. Target is seriously the BEST for any and every holiday. Then, I melted some of the white chocolate I had left over from my first recipe and dipped the top of the bottle into the chocolate, and then into festive sprinkles. Let this chill so the chocolate can set and not drip down the bottle.IMG_7846

Now, for the actual shake. All you’ll need is vanilla ice cream, milk, vanilla extract, and 2-4 tablespoons of red velvet cake mix. Add the milk and ice cream to a blender. Amounts will depend on how thick or creamy you like your shakes. Then, add a splash of vanilla extract, and red velvet cake mix (this amount will depend on how bright you want the pink to be. Blend this all up and poor into your perfect easy jug, and drink away!!IMG_7853IMG_7855IMG_7873 IMG_7880

This last treat is perfect for when you don’t know what to do with all that left over Easter candy. I took a couple scoops of ice cream and added any Easter candy toppings I had! These make perfect little treats for after Easter dinner. This is a great idea especially for kids who have filled up their Easter baskets full of candy and need an activity for after the official Easter festivities are done. Put out all of the candy and create your perfect Easter Sundae (;IMG_7903

Have a happy holiday!! See you next week!

-Sophia Tatiana

What’s in My Travel Bag + Tips

It’s Spring break season and it’s time to soak in some much needed sun!! Whether you’re headed somewhere warm or just scrolling through Instagram pretending you’re also on the beach under palm trees I have some good travel tips and I’m showing you a sneak peak of what’s in my travel bag! Be sure to head over to Erica’s Blog to see what her travel essentials & tips are! (:12038032_10153576151726772_6637376080719941049_n

Here’s my biggest tip and will start the breakdown of what I bring in my travel bags. DON’T CHECK YOUR LUGGAGE!!!!! The last thing you want is to get to your vacation spot and only have your sweaty plane clothes and one pair of underwear. My whole family of 5 have flown to Italy for the entire summer with JUST carry-ons my whole life. A tip and trick for not checking bags is that most airlines allow you to bring one “personal” bag along with one “carry on”. AKA one big purse or backpack AND a duffle or small rolling bag. Be sure to check with your airline for specifics. So let’s get into it and see what I always bring in my personal bag that goes under the seat.IMG_7838I like bringing a backpack or my giant SeaBag because they can fit SO much. Maximize the space you are given. If you can pull off a giant tote as a “purse” do it! In my backpack I always bring headphones, a book, Emergen-C, Evian spray, a sheet mask, and an empty water bottle. I also always have a change of clothes in this bag that I can grab at any minute. This is important in case you’re sitting next to a vomiting baby, or if you’re like me and coming from a colder climate and landing somewhere warm and will need to trade out your sweatpants for a sun dress. You might be questioning the sheet mask and Evian spray but just trust me on this. Your skin will thank you later. The air on planes is so dry. Throw on a sheet mask and close your eyes pretending you’re in first class. If you’re too embarrassed to look like a crazy person on your flight this Evian spray is really hydrating and will make you feel refreshed after a long day of traveling as well. Now for the Emergen-C…. the amount of times I hear coughing and sneezing and people bringing their winter colds on spring break with them is gross. Don’t let yourself get sick just before the fun gets started! Lastly, an empty water bottle. This is a key travel essential. We all know we can’t bring liquids through security, but don’t leave the water bottle behind. Once you get through security there are tons of water fountains where you can fill up for free. Don’t be that fool who pays $4 for a bottle of water in the airport!IMG_7841I always keep my makeup bag in my backpack so I can freshen up at any time. I like to wear minimal makeup when on vacation and really only put it on for a nice dinner. Here’s what I typically bring: Tartelette pallet, Stila eyeshadow trio, Stila mascara, Smashbox brow gel, Jane Iredale powder, Lorac lipstick & gloss.

Now for my duffle bag. I’m the kind of girl that likes to dress for the occasion, even on vacation. If I’m going somewhere that’s laid back, I’ll bring a few pairs of shorts and some sun dresses. If I’m going on vacation where I know I’ll need to be dressed more, I’ll pack fancier dresses and more modest bathing suits. Here is just a glimpse of what I might pack for a little in between.IMG_7828 IMG_7830 IMG_7833I like bringing a pair of jeans regardless of how tropical my vacation locations are. Night time always can get a little chilly so it’s nice to have a pair of jeans and a loose crotched sweater. I LIVE in sundresses when it’s warm and I adore this rosey pink one from Charlotte Russe. I of course bring sandals and flip flops, but my go-to close toed shoes are Sperry’s. They are really comfy to wear when traveling and also on days when your excursions may take you beyond the beach. Bathing suits. You can never ever bring enough bathing suits on spring break. There’s no worse feeling than having to put on a wet bathing suit and head back down to the beach. Last but not least, my Always Piper linen throw. You can buy them HERE. This is perfect for adding a pop of color and cozy blanket to your couch. However, it’s also great for bringing to the beach. It is super lightweight and easy to packaway. I love it because it doesn’t throw sand everywhere like the way a beach towel does when shaking it off at the end of a long day. It also dries super quickly because it’s linen so you aren’t left with a soggy towel when going back and forth from sun bathing to swimming.

Where are you headed for spring break?! Travel safe and I hope these tips and packing guide helped you! (:

-Sophia Tatiana


Spring Cleaning – Mind Body & Soul

With the clocks springing forward this weekend what better time to discuss some spring cleaning?! Typically, spring cleaning entails going through your old clothes, cleaning the grime from behind the refrigerator, and replacing your holiday wreath with some fresh flowers. Remember those resolutions we all set a couple months back? Let’s revisit those (:

Remember when we all said we would eat healthy, be active, and exercise every single day of 2016?! Well . . . We don’t need to go quite that far. However, I do think it is a good idea to go back to those goals and touch on them at this time. I think spring cleaning is about SO much more than just junking your old winter things and organizing your vanity. Spring is a rebirth. How beautiful to be given this time to grow and blossom. Grow your mind, body, and soul. Revisit those goals of personal growth.

With this rebirth of the seasons I am focusing on bettering myself and being aware and appreciative of my surroundings. I strive to cleanse my body. I have started doing this by eating better. It’s amazing the difference your body feels when you eat wholesome and healthy foods. I am also exercising more! I have been so terrible and getting active and staying fit over the past couple of years. But, that’s changed! Over thre past month I have been working out more and more. I enjoy going to the gym and I love taking yoga classes. I’ve even been considering taking a course the become a certifified yoga instructor I love it so much. Exercising is one of those things that once you get in the swing of things you fall in love with it and want to keep going. Get motivitsted and get going!

This ties into my next “cleansing” of this spring. My mind. Exercising really helps clear my mind and keep me focused on just what I’m doing in that moment. Along with that I have been taking every opportunity I have to go on walks. With the temperatures getting up there being outside has been amazing recently! I took my dog for a long walk along the ocean and it couldn’t have been a more perfect afternoon. It allowed me to get outside, explore a place I had never been, and laugh endlessly while my white dog rolled in the muddy trail along the beach.

This spring I challenge you to revisit your goals for the year, get outside, and cleanse your mind, body, and soul. Don’t forget to clean your house thought, because that is a great place to start! Happy spring! Don’t let the clocks springing forward Sunday morning set you back! (:

 -Sophia Tatiana

Spring Skincare Routine

March is here and spring is on its way! Let’s kick off this month with a skincare routine. After the cold and dry winter months it’s easy to find your skin feeling dull and flaky. As an esthetician I have lots of favorite products, tips, and tricks to make your skin better than it’s ever been. Let’s brighten it up to get you glowing for spring break and these warmer days!

IMG_7429I wash my face with the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. I absolutely love this because it’s not just a cleanser, but also a gentle exfoliant. This is great to use 2-3 times a week. It sloughs off any dead skin leaving my face feeling bright and soft.

IMG_7433Then, tone tone tone. This is a step which is often missed in many peoples skincare routines. It is so important to add in those vital nutrients that you just washed of your face as well as balance your skin. I alternate between the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence and the Mario Bodescu Facial Spray. These are both great toners for my combination skin because they hydrate me while also controlling the oily spots on my face.

IMG_7437Next, facemasks are an essential for this time of year. After winter your skin is usually parched and needing a boost of hydration and brightness. Sheet masks are great for just that! My favorites always come from Asian beauty stores. Their skincare technology is very advanced and they truly have it all down to a science. Some of my favorite sheet masks are Kelp, Chia, and even Snail. These are all very hydrating and healing ingredients.

IMG_7438If I am breaking out, rather than putting a clay mask all over my face and going for the stereotypical full green face and cucumbers on your eyes I just dab the face mask onto my breakouts. This is better for skin because it doesn’t try out your whole face. Instead, it just dries out the problem areas.

IMG_7439Eye creams are VERY important. Although I am just 19 I use an eye cream after every time I wash my face. Many people (like me before I went to school to be an esthetician) assume eye cream is meant for your mom whose poor under eyes are exhausted from dealing with all of your childish shenanigans. WRONG. Well, kind of. Using an eye cream as part of your daily skincare routine should start by the age of 20. Believe it or not, but your collagen and elastin already begin to start breaking down and growing less rapidly in your 20s. Your eyes are one of the first parts of your body which shows visible aging. So, instead of trying to take on the issue once it’s already there, use eye cream early on as a preventative measure. My current favorite is this collagen eye cream which incorporates snail solution, which as I mentioned is very healing and hydrating. Be sure to dab this on under and around your eyes lightly with your ring finger since this is a very delicate area. Eye creams can get pricey, but remember that a little goes a long way!

IMG_7442Lastly, moisturize! I know for people who are acne prone, or have oily skin putting on moisturizer can be VERY intimidating. You just washed all of that oil and grime off your skin so why would you clog it and grease your face up again, right? Wrong. Moisturizing is important for all skin types. It’s just a matter of finding a moisturizer that is right for you! I have been using the Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer and find that it works well with my skin. It is very hydrating but super light at the same time which is perfect since I do have combination skin.

Skincare can be a lot of trial and error and seeing what works for you. Don’t be intimidated! Your skin is a wise place to invest your time and money, because you have it forever! Be smart. Use good products and always wear SPF! Happy Spring! (:

-Sophia Tatiana