3 Ways to Style L.L. Bean Boots

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As we all know, the ever classic L.L. Bean boots are all the rage right now. For the second year in a row these boots are backordered until March (if not later!!!!) in almost every size and style. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, here’s how to style them. (Also, if you’re in need of a pair let me know and this Maine girl might be able to hook you up)

I brought my adorable puppy, Sailor, to the park and she enjoyed chewing sticks and helping make me and my outfits look cuter (;

I styled the L.L. Bean ‘Thinsulate’ Boots in the tan/brown color. For my first outfit I went with sporty / outdoors look. I paired my boots with some cozy wool socks, leggings, and a Patagonia fleece, and a black Patagonia vest. I also topped off the look with a white monogrammed hat which I was given as a gift, but I believe it was from Etsy. This look is perfect for a chill day at home or hiking. IMG_5692 IMG_5699 IMG_5705 IMG_5709

I decided to spruce up my second outfit and changed out my fleece and vest for  an L.L. Bean flannel and threw on a white faux fur vest. This is an ideal look for when you want to be comfy and stick to the classic L.L. Bean look, but with a hint of chic style. IMG_5760 IMG_5752

For my last outfit I went with a practical winter look. I changed out my leggings for warm dark washed jeans, and my flannel and fur vest for a simple forest green sweater from Express. I also added a thick knit headband which matched the sweater from H&M. I traded out the wool socks for some cream cable knit socks to dress up the look a little more. This outfit is great for staying warm, and looking cute. IMG_5836 IMG_5875 IMG_5874 IMG_5882 IMG_5905 IMG_5910 IMG_5963 IMG_5990

The best part about L.L. Bean Boots is that they are so versatile! You can make them look relaxed, chic, or practical. Their practicality, warmth, and water resistance comes in handy during December (and through March if you are also a Maine girl).

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