Adventure Is Out There

Craving adventure is a beautiful thing. You don’t need to hop on a plane to Santorini for a good old adventure (although a girl can dream 😛 ). Adventures near and far are incredible and important. Adventures are about putting your phone down for a while, taking in the view, and breathing in the fresh air around you. Winter is creeping up on us quickly, so before it gets too cold, get out and explore!!

This past weekend I joined my family and friends on a scenic hike in Cold Spring, New York along the Hudson. Just a short train ride from the heart of the city were breathtaking views. Breathtaking in the sense that this hike was pretty intense, and in the sense that the views were incredible. IMG_3181IMG_3187IMG_3195IMG_3192

Take time to get out and explore, whether it’s near or far from home. Enjoy the simple beauties life has to offer, and always adventure!
Top: Lululemon

Shorts: old Navy

Shoes: Nike

Backpack: LL Bean

Thanks for all the love!

Sophia Tatiana