Broke Student Supper

One of the challenges that I have faced since living on my own is coming up with yummy, relatively healthy, quick, and cheap meals to make. Tonight I whipped up one of my favorites from my moms recipe book but dumbed it down to make it quickly and cheaply. 

Here’s how I made the classic “Pasta with Lentils” on a budget and in under half an hour . . . 


Here’s all you need 

  • Pasta of choice (I last minute changed my mind to ditalini)
  • Amy’s organic lentil soup
  • Olive oil
  • Parmesan 

The secret to this recipe is Amy’s lentil soup. I have made this dish from scratch going through the long process of cooking the lentils and the stock which makes this recipe grueling while the canned lentil soup is fast, cheap, healthy, and delicious. This could also be considered a “one pot pasta” because all I do is dump the soup and add two to three cans of water depending on the amount of pasta and let it cook until the pasta is done. 

*TIP*  To add dimension to the flavor of this dish add about a third of a jar of pasta sauce.

Once the pasta is done and I added olive oil and Parmesan to taste. *TIP* Parsley is another tasty garnish. 


When using one can of lentil soup and a whole box of pasta this made about 5 portions. The pasta was $1.00 a box, the lentil soup was just $2.69, the sauce was left over, and cheese and oil are a staple in my house. It was only $0.73 per meal which was fast, filling, healthy, and yummy; perfect for a student on a budget!