The Importance of a Birthday Outfit – Featuring BrazaBra

HAPPY SUMMER! The sun is shining and the heat is rising, and I just turned 20! I had a magical birthday and celebrated it with my absolute most favorite people in the world!! Many of my friends joke that it’s silly that I choose a special “birthday outfit”, but I’m here to tell you a birthday outfit is no joke!! I think it is so important to have something you feel comfortable, confident, and gorgeous in on your birthday. Whatever your style may be, treat yourself to a birthday outfit which is a little extra special. Save this outfit and don’t wear it until your birthday! To help achieve my favorite birthday looks (yes I often can’t limit myself to just one birthday outfit) I had the help of BrazaBra! Braza helped keep me covered, comfortable, and confident on my special day.

IMG_8127 IMG_8211 IMG_8201 For a casual outfit to walk around and explore I chose an adorable boho off the shoulder top from H&M. I paired it with some distressed high-waisted shorts. To avoid a bad bra strap situation I wore my Braza Strapless Angel Bra. The beige color matches my skin so well and the sticky sides with no back make it wearable with just about anything! You can use this bra up to 50 times! Plus, for a hot July birthday like mine the adhesive worked amazingly well, even through all of my sweating and exploring.

IMG_8274 IMG_8290IMG_8305 IMG_8286When it got to the evening I decided to go for a slightly dressier look to walk around town. I love this romper, but have always struggled with how to style it because of the deep V. Typically, I don’t wear such low plunging necklines so this cute piece had been hanging in my closet for months. Now that I have my Braza Chantilly Lace Bandeau I can wear this romper anywhere and everywhere without feeling like I’m walking around naked! This bandeau was super supportive while also feeling lightweight and nice for a warm summer night.

IMG_8323 IMG_8338Dressing up is one of my favorite things so for my dinner-time birthday outfit I threw on a light floral dress. The Angel Bra came in handy here, but more importantly the Braza Flash Tape was a life saver. This dress is nice and flows well, but sometimes in directions I don’t like. I decided to secure the top with the double sided Flash Tape which helped everything stay in place. This stuff is seriously SO sticky it’s amazing. I even had a slight wardrobe malfunction during my birthday trip and had to throw together a quick fix. My bralette was too sheer so I took the cups out of a bathing suit and secured them into the bralette using the Flash Tape and BOOM problem solved!

Don’t forget to celebrate your birthday in more ways than just cake! You worked hard all year long and are ringing in a new chapter of your life so go out and get yourself a fun birthday outfit [or outfits 😉 ] and celebrate!!

IMG_8382 IMG_8364Here were my birthday bag essentials. Can’t forget to bring my cute dog, Puff! Not to mention all of Braza’s accessories which kept my outfits looking cute and my photos looking even better. What’s in your birthday bag?

XXXOO, Sophia Tatiana

Date Night Style

Do you remember those butterflies while sitting in front of the mirror for hours fixing your hair and makeup? The pile of clothes quickly growing on your bed as you try on every article of clothing in an attempt to construct the perfect ensemble to wear for your first date. How quickly we forget the importance of those moments. Picture the happy & loving feeling you get seeing the man you love have a sparkle in his eye telling you how beautiful you are after getting all dressed up. It is so important to continue these traditions of fancy date nights to keep the spark alive and have a little extra fun. I am so lucky that Billy takes me on frequent dates and never turns down an opportunity to get dressed up. Here’s my style guide for when you and your honey want to get a little fancy.

 I wanted something simple, whimsical, and classic. I absolutely love the look of this maxi skirt paired with this white crop top. This outfit also gives off the look of a two piece dress which are really in right now. A black maxi skirt should be a staple in every girls wardrobe because you can easily dress it up or down. 



  To dress up my maxi skirt I paired it with this amazing crocheted / woven white top. I absolutely love the scalloped detailing, and feminity the lace and pattern have. I paired this outfit with some simple bangles and sandals.  

 How easy is it to put on a little extra lip gloss, trade in your sun dress for a maxi skirt two piece, and go on a fancy date with the person you love. Don’t forget to treat yourselves and never lose that spark & those butterflies of getting fancy for you and your babe!

– Sophia Tatiana 

Spring Layers

Has this not been the weirdest winter ever?! Up here in Maine we have had record breaking high temperatures, but then record breaking lows the very next day!! Today, it’s raining and 52 degrees which is so odd for February. This would typically be snow… but don’t worry in a week the forecast is predicting frozen rain and more snow. This makes getting dressed rather weird right now. Do I wear shorts? Do I wear a sweater? Do I need rain boots or snow boots or none of the above?!? I’ve been itching to start wearing more pastels again and shed my crazy winter attire that consists of layers upon layers topped with a down coat and fleece lined knit hat. Plus, I love my boots by they can get clunky and as of right now I am SO over them. Here’s the outfit I threw together on a mildly chilly day while channeling my inner spring & trying to keep warm.


Ever since I’ve been craving warmer weather and outfits that match, I’ve been digging a more casual look. I never usually go for slip-ons but recently I have been OBSESSED! I have on these heathered blue slip-ons from a local shoe store. I cuffed my dark washed jeans at the bottom because this is my favorite way to style any slip-on. I also didn’t mind the chilly air kissing my ankles for the first time on many months.IMG_7247 IMG_7156  

Dark washed jeans are some of my favorite because they can easily be dressed up or down. This pair in particular are from American Eagle along with the dusty blush top I’m wearing. I wanted to go with a pop of color to get out of the winter blues, but didn’t want to go too bright… It is still only February after all!

  Then, to layer overtop and keep me warm I went with this amazingly comfy grey cardigan from Banana Republic. I have been living in this recently since it’s so cozy and warm. This sweater looks perfect over any outfit.

I can’t wait until the sun really starts to shine so I can start styling some even brighter and more exciting outfits and makeup to match!!

-Sophia Tatiana


Fitness Style | Fitness Friday 

Happy Friday!! (: you made it to the weekend! Let’s celebrate by talking Fitness Style with my friend Erica! One of my biggest motivators to workout is to have new workout clothes that are super comfy and make me feel good and confident. Here are my two go-to outfits recently.




 I have been absolutely loving this sweatpants / sports bra combo. I love really sweating when I workout which is why I like wearing sweatpants when I’m exercising, but I love being in a sorts bra because it doesn’t feel constricting and helps keep me cool. Here, I paired my black Calvin Klein sports bra with a pair of color blocked sweatpants from Forever 21. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my LuluLemon workout clothes as you’ll see in my next outfit, but it’s definitely not necessary to spend an arm and a leg on workout clothes! Some of my favorite places to get inexpensive workout clothes have been Forever21 and Old Navy. The quality is really good especially considering the price! 



 When I’d rather do a more relaxing workout like yoga I prefer to wear more fitted exercise clothes. I love mixing and matching leggings with workout tops whether they are crazy patterned or simple! This top and bottom combo is from LuluLemon and it’s been one of my faves for yoga recently!

Most importantly, wear what is comfortable to you and what makes you feel confident! When you aren’t concerned about adjusting your bra straps or hiking up your pants you will be able to stay focused on your workout. Not to mention, you will feel amazing after you exercise AND wearing clothes that compliment your body! Stay healthy and stay moving! See you next Friday and be sure to check out Erica’s blog to see her fitness style!! (:
Sophia Tatiana 

3 Ways to Style L.L. Bean Boots

HAPPY DECEMBER!! This month is super exciting and will be full of fun posts! I’ll be doing new blog posts ever Tuesday and Saturday. Not only that, but I will also be doing Vlogmas!! For those who don’t know, Vlogmas is when you post video blogs on YouTube every single day leading up to Christmas. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE to stay up to date (: Now, onto the boots!

As we all know, the ever classic L.L. Bean boots are all the rage right now. For the second year in a row these boots are backordered until March (if not later!!!!) in almost every size and style. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, here’s how to style them. (Also, if you’re in need of a pair let me know and this Maine girl might be able to hook you up)

I brought my adorable puppy, Sailor, to the park and she enjoyed chewing sticks and helping make me and my outfits look cuter (;

I styled the L.L. Bean ‘Thinsulate’ Boots in the tan/brown color. For my first outfit I went with sporty / outdoors look. I paired my boots with some cozy wool socks, leggings, and a Patagonia fleece, and a black Patagonia vest. I also topped off the look with a white monogrammed hat which I was given as a gift, but I believe it was from Etsy. This look is perfect for a chill day at home or hiking. IMG_5692 IMG_5699 IMG_5705 IMG_5709

I decided to spruce up my second outfit and changed out my fleece and vest for  an L.L. Bean flannel and threw on a white faux fur vest. This is an ideal look for when you want to be comfy and stick to the classic L.L. Bean look, but with a hint of chic style. IMG_5760 IMG_5752

For my last outfit I went with a practical winter look. I changed out my leggings for warm dark washed jeans, and my flannel and fur vest for a simple forest green sweater from Express. I also added a thick knit headband which matched the sweater from H&M. I traded out the wool socks for some cream cable knit socks to dress up the look a little more. This outfit is great for staying warm, and looking cute. IMG_5836 IMG_5875 IMG_5874 IMG_5882 IMG_5905 IMG_5910 IMG_5963 IMG_5990

The best part about L.L. Bean Boots is that they are so versatile! You can make them look relaxed, chic, or practical. Their practicality, warmth, and water resistance comes in handy during December (and through March if you are also a Maine girl).

Thanks for checking in!! Be sure to subscribe to my blog, as well as my vlog channel to see my future holiday posts!! Happy December (:

Transitioning Army Green to Winter

As we all know, army green has been a huge trend this fall! Now, in the last couple weeks of November Christmas decorations are beginning to find their way onto homes, the temperature is dropping, and we are awaiting the first big snow of the year. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not quite ready to give up my love of wearing army green just yet. I began the fall transitioning one of my favorite summer outfits into a warmer fall outfit which you can see HERE. This time around, I’m showing you guys how to transform this perfect neutral color into your winter wardrobe. Here’s how I did it.  IMG_5225

I found this ADORABLE pair of jogger styled army green slacks by the brand Wyld Hart. These pants are seriously so comfy and super chic with the tapered leg and gold zipper on the bottom as a nice subtle accent. These pants are very flattering for all different shapes and sizes and match with so much.IMG_5218

I paired them with a basic white long sleeve top and a giant tartan blanket scarf. These are very trendy right now and can found almost anywhere. I bought this particular one on etsy. You can find the shop HERE. Not to mention, it’s super cozy which comes in handy on those cold November days. IMG_5221

Lastly, I wore a simple pair of tan loafers. These are perfect for dressing up any outfit while keeping it casual. I loved the mixing of neutrals between the paints, white top, and tan shoes without feeling washed out and bland. These particular loafers are from a local shop, but similar styles can be found most places since these are very popular right now!

Thanks for checking in and seeing how I love to bring my favorite fall trend of army green into winter time! Subscribe and keep posted I have lots of very exciting things in the  works for the month of December! – Sophia Tatiana

Festive Thanksgiving Outfit

Now that Halloween has come and gone, the real holiday festivities can commence. I often find myself skipping over Thanksgiving because of my love of Christmas, but this year I’ve decided to soak up all that fall has to offer and share my festive fall outfit which is perfect for Thanksgiving!

IMG_5060IMG_4960IMG_5047IMG_5027People often underestimate the power of dresses on thanksgiving day. They are not only dressy and cute, but they help you avoid having to do “the lean” at the dinner table or to unbutton your pants after you’re stuffed with stuffing.

For my Thanksgiving day outfit I plan on keeping it classy and casual. I am wearing a perfect cranberry colored autumn dress paired with some tall oatmeal colored socks, brown leather boots, and pearl accessories.

IMG_4943I adore the scalloped detailing on the hem of the dress and sleeves! This dress is by Montesu Los Angeles (I’ve also found super cute tops by this brand with similar scalloped entailing which I am currently obsessed with).

IMG_5025IMG_5071IMG_5072My boots are leather harness boots from Frye. My pearl necklace is from Banana Republic and my pearl ring is a custom piece passed down in my family.

Enjoy the rest of fall and get excited for Christmas festivities to come in the near future!

XX Sophia Tatiana

H&M Summer Street Style

Where I’m from, summer days barely reach high temperatures often. However, the past few days 80 degrees has been the norm. My go-to street style outfit on hot days always includes a maxi dress. These are perfect to stroll the city and are great to dress up, or down!

I absolutely love H&M’s cotton maxi dresses. They are very lightweight making them perfect for hot summer days and easy to pack away for summer trips. The knee high slit on either side add a flirty and feminine touch while the fit of the dress contours all body shapes perfectly.

IMG_1381IMG_1427IMG_1477IMG_1466IMG_1459IMG_1458IMG_1504IMG_1532As I ventured through the city, I made my way to a donut shop . . . Clearly I was very excited 😛 IMG_1544Words can’t even begin to explain how good this chocolate glazed potato donut was. IMG_1551IMG_1540IMG_1513This adorable cast iron garden table completed the look I was going for. The accessories I chose were meant to make the outfit girly, flirty, and chic all at the same time.

IMG_1399IMG_1602My charming straw hat is also from H&M. Their accessories and clothes are seriously the best! They always have cute trendy clothes for all styles and good deals. IMG_1392My bag is from GH Bass & Co. This tiny cross body is a Mary Poppins bag in disguise. It may be little, but it can sure hold a lot that comes in handy on a day in the city. IMG_1628Lastly, my gladiator sandals add a little bit of girly-edge to this outfit. These are from a tiny market on the streets of Italy, but similar things can also be found at H&M and similar stores.

 This outfit is great for hot days. The hat shades you from the sun while looking chic, and the dress can be styled in so many ways. You can easily dress maxi dresses up with heels and a statement necklace, or down with some slip-ons and a flannel tied around which is why I love them so much.

Thanks for adventuring through the city with me in my perfect summer street style outfit (:


-Sophia Tatiana

Beach Style

What better way to spend your summer than bumming it on the beach in a bikini? But what do you do when you feel like dressing up this beach bum style? Coverups and accessories are the perfect way to upgrade your beach style. 

The key to a perfect beach coverup is that it is light, easy to pack, and of course fashionable. Below you will see my ideal beach coverup and accessories for when you’re ready to head to the piazza for your evening passeggiata and grab a bite to eat.


The attention to detail in this piece is clear in the stitching, and small pompoms which line the border. This little detail adds a fun dimension to this coverup.

Both the front and back of this coverup have tassels for tightening. This allows for the piece to be flowy and fun by day, and fitted and chic by night. 

  The best way to dress any outfit up is to accessorize! Here I have layered three necklaces from the same collection. The tassels on the necklace and tassels on the coverup give a sense of symmetry, however the pop of color in the necklace is a perfect contrast on this white piece. These necklaces are perfect statement pieces to add to any outfit, and the bright blend of colors are great for all seasons. 

All items pictured are beautifully designed by 12am NYC by Irina Chernyak. 

12am NYC

All photos were taken by the very talented Pavel Denisenko.

Pavel Denisenko
Until next time — Sophia Tatiana (:

Sophia’s Spring Style

Nothing gets me more excited for a new season like fashion does. Spring is now upon us so say goodbye to black (as if) and hello to pastels and pretty colors! 

I packed up my down parka and pulled out this beautiful burnt orange trench coat. This jacket is lightweight and easy to pack away into a purse, but still keeps you nice and warm when spring is more frigid than you hoped it would be. I paired it with simple dark washed jeans and black riding boots to keep the outfit casual, comfortable, and cute. This coat added a pop of spring color, and my teal monogrammed tote was the perfect compliment to my outfit today.  


When I got brave on this cold day and peeled my coat off it revealed a quintessential spring outfit. This crocheted lace, tea rose colored, peplum top screams spring. Being me, I needed some sparkle in the outfit (quite literally) so I added this beautiful statement necklace that is both sparkly and colorful.


When the photographer reminds you it may be spring, but it’s still only 27° outside and your nose is pinker than your shirt.

Outfit details:

 Jacket: Jones New York

Top: Hinge

Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Sudden

Necklace: Francesca’s Boutique 

Purse: Etsy

Thanks for reading (:

-Sophia Tatiana