DIY Holiday Friend Gifts

Hey guys! There are just a few weeks until Christmas!! I always find it a bit challenging to decide what to do for a bunch of my friends or coworkers around the holiday season, but this year I decided to get crafty! (If you’re a good friend out coworker I advise clicking out of this post (;  )

First I made super simple hair ties. These hair bands have been super trendy recently. They are also great because they don’t tug on your hair as much, look super cute on your wrist, and come in a plethora of colors and patterns. Making these is insanely easy.

I bought 5/8ths fold over elastic at the fabric store, measured and cut it into 8 inch strips, tied a knot at the end, and melted the fringe on the ends to keep them from unraveling. HOW EASY?! You can seriously make dozens of these in such a short amount of time. Not to mention, making them is super cheap. All you need to buy is the fold over elastic which costs under $2 for a spool (this can also be found cheaper online or use coupons!). I’ve been in stores recently such as Jcrew where they were selling a 5-pack of these hair ties for $12.50. You can easily make about 6 of these hair ties with one spool for less than $2! What a great gift to give to your friends this holiday season! IMG_6047 Tie HairtieNext, I made Terracotta Clay Essential Oil Diffusing Necklaces. These are amazing! I love the health benefits of essential oils and that you can blend and cater them to your exact needs. These necklaces act as a diffuser which is great since many oils can be too harsh to apply directly to your skin. Instead, you add a few drops of your oil or blend of choice, and wear this necklace while it diffuses the oils and allows the oils to reap their benefits.

I bought my terracotta clay at a craft store along with black waxed string. I started out but slicing the clay into sections which I then rolled into balls. At first, I made them too big and determined the best size for these pendants would start as a cherry sized ball. Then, I flattened it out into a circle or oval. I dabbed my fingers into some water to run over the surface and edges in order to smooth out the pendant. Next, I took a wooden skewer and added any design that came to mind. Don’t forget to poke a hole through the top to attach the pendant to string! I got clay that air dried – it took about 2 days to completely dry. There are also kinds or clay that bake which would be quicker. Lastly, I cut the waxed string into 32 inch pieces, folded it in half, and strung both ends through the bottom side of the pendant. I then made a knot both to secure the string to the pendant, and another at the end of the string in order to fasten it around your neck. These necklaces are extremely thoughtful and could be customized to any of your friends and family! IMG_6051 IMG_6056 IMG_6130I hope you all enjoyed these unique ideas for easy and cheap DIY gifts for your friends and family! Here is a video tutorial of how I made these gifts!

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  • Sophia Tatiana