DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

HEY EVERYONE! This year for the holidays I decided to step up my gift wrapping game, and I wanted to share how I did so!

I started by choosing a theme of simplistic wrapping. For the paper I chose basic brown Kraft paper (also known as postal paper). I found mine for a really good deal at the Dollar Tree! You can also find similar rolls at Target, Walmart, and any craft store. IMG_5170Next I chose red and white bakers twine, as well as red burlap twine. I used this in place of those plastic shiny ribbons that are difficult to curl, and let’s be honest, don’t look that nice. IMG_5172I grabbed some adorable sparkly gold and white holiday stickers to spruce up the gifts. Lastly, I found these AMAZING gift tags. These really tied the whole look together and stayed with the simple, yet elegant wrapping theme. These chalkboard sticky tags are from Target. I simply used a white chalkboard marker (any color would be amazing!) and I couldn’t be happier with how my wrapping turned out! IMG_5171 IMG_5175 IMG_5177 IMG_5186If you want to see me and get more details be sure to check out my YouTube video HERE to see how I did it. Did you guys know I’m doing VLOGMAS?! I am posting a video on my YouTube channel EVERY SINGLE DAY leading up to¬†Christmas!!! Be sure to subscribe to see more fun Christmas crafts, adventures, and getting cozy in preparation for the best holiday of the year! (:

Check in with me on Tuesday to see how I stay cozy this holiday season! -Sophia Tatiana