Fitness Style | Fitness Friday 

Happy Friday!! (: you made it to the weekend! Let’s celebrate by talking Fitness Style with my friend Erica! One of my biggest motivators to workout is to have new workout clothes that are super comfy and make me feel good and confident. Here are my two go-to outfits recently.




 I have been absolutely loving this sweatpants / sports bra combo. I love really sweating when I workout which is why I like wearing sweatpants when I’m exercising, but I love being in a sorts bra because it doesn’t feel constricting and helps keep me cool. Here, I paired my black Calvin Klein sports bra with a pair of color blocked sweatpants from Forever 21. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my LuluLemon workout clothes as you’ll see in my next outfit, but it’s definitely not necessary to spend an arm and a leg on workout clothes! Some of my favorite places to get inexpensive workout clothes have been Forever21 and Old Navy. The quality is really good especially considering the price! 



 When I’d rather do a more relaxing workout like yoga I prefer to wear more fitted exercise clothes. I love mixing and matching leggings with workout tops whether they are crazy patterned or simple! This top and bottom combo is from LuluLemon and it’s been one of my faves for yoga recently!

Most importantly, wear what is comfortable to you and what makes you feel confident! When you aren’t concerned about adjusting your bra straps or hiking up your pants you will be able to stay focused on your workout. Not to mention, you will feel amazing after you exercise AND wearing clothes that compliment your body! Stay healthy and stay moving! See you next Friday and be sure to check out Erica’s blog to see her fitness style!! (:
Sophia Tatiana