Growing Pains

Where do I even begin this post . . . As some may know, this new adventure of school for esthetics brought me to a new city a few hours from my hometown. Unlike typical 4-year colleges and universities my school does not offer housing. This meant that just a few months after turning 18 I packed all of my belongings (well, not all . . . I could only take so many shoes :p) and moved out on my own. I was now taking on all of life’s grownup responsibilities like rent, groceries, cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on. This is where the pains of growing up come into play.

Being on your own and independent is great and has its perks. However, sometimes all you want is to have someone take care of you and all of life’s worries. For example, grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite hobbies. At least it was. That was until I had to grocery shop with the purpose of feeding myself breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as paying for it all. 

This leads me to my next growing pain. Cooking. Also one of my absolute most favorite hobbies. Then there are those nights like tonight. After a long day of classes and nannying I thought I had the perfect meal planned. I began to prepare it. Quickly, my perfect meal lead to tears. Nothing was cooking right. Nothing tasted good. I was exhausted. The left overs were supposed to be lunch the next day. Needless to say, I went to bed without supper and had to improvise lunch. Growing pains like these make me homesick. Not necessarily for home, but rather for the comfort of coming home after a long day and having food in the fridge to snack on while my mom prepares an actual perfect meal. 

Growing pains aren’t all bad. Some growing pains lead to a feeling of accomplishment. I no longer am homesick. I don’t need Siri to tell me how to get to school and the grocery store, and most importantly Target, anymore. I am now more confident in exploring new places alone. I have a sense of calm knowing that I can handle real life and all of its grownup responsibilities just a few months after turning 18. 

This is the first picture of me in my new room on my first night of living alone. I like to look back at it and think of all of the growing pains I’ve endured, and how far I’ve come.

P.s. That is my roommates cat which I renamed Chubby because…… Well she’s really chubby 

-Sophia Tatiana 

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