Let’s Get Motivated! | Fitness Friday


For the month of January I am partnering up with my friend, Erica Aube, to help you guys get more fit! Check out her awesome blog HERE (: every Friday for the month of January we will be bringing you one step closer to a fit life on our series Fitness Friday’s.

What better way to kick things off than with ways to get motivated! Starting is the hardest part, so let’s talk strategy to getting and staying motivated.

Here’s what works for me . . .

– Make a schedule – 

By creating a schedule you are being held accountable! Most importantly, by creating a schedule you make it part of your routine. This keeps you from using the excuse of “not having time”. You have plenty of time for things that are a priority in your life. Make fitness and a healthy lifestyle a priority and it will become your routine!

– Shopping –

No, I don’t mean shopping is exercise. I mean go shop, and buy workout clothes. I know for me, having a nice new workout outfit and shoes is such a good motivator. This also helps you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing to workout.

– Do what you love –

This is true in all aspect of life. But especially in getting fit. If you hate running, but force yourself to go running as a workout no wonder you’re never going to want to do it! Find what works for you. There are so many amazing forms of exercise and getting active. For me, my niche is yoga. I love it because it’s relaxing and I don’t feel like doing it is a chore! IMG_3216

– Make a dream board – 

Whether you put magazine cutouts on a cork board, or my personal favorite, create a Pinterest board -make a dream board. Put anything and everything on this board which symbolizes being fit, active, and creating a healthy lifestyle. Fill this with words of motivation, pictures, recipes, anything to get you headed in the right direction.dream

Lastly, JUST DO IT! Nike couldn’t have said it any better. No excuses, just do it. Happiness and health go hand in hand, so get moving, be fit, and make good lifestyle choices! It’s important to remind yourself to create realistic resolutions this new year. Don’t promise to exercise every single day and eat only vegetables for a whole year. Be gentle with yourself and remember fitness and making a lifestyle change is a journey! Make it an enjoyable journey and stay tuned every Friday for the month of January while Erica and I show you our favorite recipes, outfits, and workouts! (:
Sophia Tatiana