Puff’s Puppy Favorites

Hey everyone!! Sorry about my quick blogging hiatus. After a  busy few weeks of travel, work, life changes, and computer difficulties I am back and better than ever!! While away, I welcomed home a new member of my little family, Puff. She is a two year old black pug with a HUGE personality! I vlogged my road trip going down to Maryland to get her and you can watch that HERE (: After spending several weeks together we have both found some of our puppy favorites. For this weeks blogpost Puff and I are partnering up with Mariner Lines. They are a local company based in Portland, Maine which makes collars and leashes out of rigging line which are perfect for your nautical pup! Be sure to check out their WEBSITE and their INSTAGRAM to get your pup well equipped and looking good for summertime!

IMG_7150Puff’s first favorite are definitely Charlee Bears. These are an awesome little treat because they are natural, American made, and only 3 calories a treat. They look like Oyster crackers making them the perfect size to shove a few in your pocket when out on adventures, or store in a mason jar at home to keep your pup from breaking into them. I buy mine at Trader Joes.

IMG_7147I love Puff’s kisses, but sometimes her breath can get a little stinky after meal times. To keep her breath fresh she loves munching on Greenies. These are a great treat which also clean their teeth! For a natural breath freshener I also feed her fresh parsley, or use a finger tooth brush to scrub her little choppers.

IMG_7151Portable bowls are a necessity if you and your pup love adventures. I got this one at Petco and it’s collapsible making it very portable, and has a karabiner so it can attach to your Mariner Lines leash easily. With a pug who gets hot easily having water everywhere we go is super important!

26900694881_b6c9b0669c_c 26694920220_e8e63a99e5_cLastly, this Mariner Lines leash is a must. If Puff didn’t have a chubby little pug neck I would also get a matching collar because they are so cute! They come in a variety of colors and add that pop of east coast class and summer vibes to you and your pup. Puff absolutely loves sauntering around the beach in her Mariner Lines leash. I joke that it gives her so much confidence because she tries to take it from me and walk herself! Not to mention, they donate a portion of their proceeds to local rescue groups. What a great company to support! 26363919313_86a937dfb4_c 26900508781_d3489187c8_c 26934888276_4ca9127449_c 26968612635_da2a421584_c 26935043106_4a90818cbe_c 26969001545_6ac9e6630d_c 26935474156_a934c8cb56_c image1

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Mariner Lines online and check back next week for more posts!


-Sophia Tatiana