Spring Tea Time

Nothing says spring is here quite like a tea party. This post is less of a how-to and more of an inspirational photo journal of my tea time treats. I love tea parties and all of the mini bite sized snacks that go along with it. I am loving the warmer weather and being outside with the sun shining and enjoying good company. I hope this post inspires you to make some yummy treats, set up a cute tea party, and enjoy the company of the people who make your day brighter!


I made a few mini treats for this afternoons tea time. I made mini chocolate chip cookies with mini chips. I don’t know what it is but these are SO much better than regular sized cookies. I just followed the recipe on the back of a Tollhouse chocolate chips.

For my other treats I tried two new recipes that I thought would be perfect for a spring tea time. The first were mini lemon bundt cakes. These are so moist and yummy and HERE is the recipe I used. I dusted mine with powdered sugar afterwards.

I wanted a pop of color on my treat plate and decided to go with a simple homemade yellow cake with a mixed berry butter cream. I baked my cake batter in mason jars to make them bite sized. I love the exposed frosted cake look and that’s what I went for here. I sliced the mason jar cakes into multiple sliced and filled it with the berry frosting and topped it with some as well. HERE is the frosting recipe I used as a guide.

Lastly, for my drink I went with a muddled berry seltzer. It’s a warm day so I didn’t want hot tea and I’m not the biggest fan of iced tea. Instead, I took a bit of the mashed berry mixture before adding it to the buttercream frosting and added it to my seltzer water. This was so yummy and refreshing.

Happy spring! Enjoy your tea time, see you next week! (:

-Sophia Tatiana



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