The Importance of a Birthday Outfit – Featuring BrazaBra

HAPPY SUMMER! The sun is shining and the heat is rising, and I just turned 20! I had a magical birthday and celebrated it with my absolute most favorite people in the world!! Many of my friends joke that it’s silly that I choose a special “birthday outfit”, but I’m here to tell you a birthday outfit is no joke!! I think it is so important to have something you feel comfortable, confident, and gorgeous in on your birthday. Whatever your style may be, treat yourself to a birthday outfit which is a little extra special. Save this outfit and don’t wear it until your birthday! To help achieve my favorite birthday looks (yes I often can’t limit myself to just one birthday outfit) I had the help of BrazaBra! Braza helped keep me covered, comfortable, and confident on my special day.

IMG_8127 IMG_8211 IMG_8201 For a casual outfit to walk around and explore I chose an adorable boho off the shoulder top from H&M. I paired it with some distressed high-waisted shorts. To avoid a bad bra strap situation I wore my Braza Strapless Angel Bra. The beige color matches my skin so well and the sticky sides with no back make it wearable with just about anything! You can use this bra up to 50 times! Plus, for a hot July birthday like mine the adhesive worked amazingly well, even through all of my sweating and exploring.

IMG_8274 IMG_8290IMG_8305 IMG_8286When it got to the evening I decided to go for a slightly dressier look to walk around town. I love this romper, but have always struggled with how to style it because of the deep V. Typically, I don’t wear such low plunging necklines so this cute piece had been hanging in my closet for months. Now that I have my Braza Chantilly Lace Bandeau I can wear this romper anywhere and everywhere without feeling like I’m walking around naked! This bandeau was super supportive while also feeling lightweight and nice for a warm summer night.

IMG_8323 IMG_8338Dressing up is one of my favorite things so for my dinner-time birthday outfit I threw on a light floral dress. The Angel Bra came in handy here, but more importantly the Braza Flash Tape was a life saver. This dress is nice and flows well, but sometimes in directions I don’t like. I decided to secure the top with the double sided Flash Tape which helped everything stay in place. This stuff is seriously SO sticky it’s amazing. I even had a slight wardrobe malfunction during my birthday trip and had to throw together a quick fix. My bralette was too sheer so I took the cups out of a bathing suit and secured them into the bralette using the Flash Tape and BOOM problem solved!

Don’t forget to celebrate your birthday in more ways than just cake! You worked hard all year long and are ringing in a new chapter of your life so go out and get yourself a fun birthday outfit [or outfits 😉 ] and celebrate!!

IMG_8382 IMG_8364Here were my birthday bag essentials. Can’t forget to bring my cute dog, Puff! Not to mention all of Braza’s accessories which kept my outfits looking cute and my photos looking even better. What’s in your birthday bag?

XXXOO, Sophia Tatiana