VEGAN Skincare Routine | OSEA Malibu & GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone! As the seasons are changing you may notice your skin needs a little extra loving. I’ve partnered up with my favorite skincare line, OSEA Malibu, to show you guys my vegan skincare routine. The environment, the integrity of where the ingredients come from, and the treatment of animals isn’t just important to me, but also to OSEA. How refreshing to have a family-run business which treats their customers the way they would treat their family through high quality, vegan, and gluten free products.

41I cleanse my face daily with the Ocean Cleanser. This cleanser is great for many reasons, but my favorites are that it has lime essential oil which makes it smell super yummy, the lactic acid which is derived from beets gently exfoliates the dead skin away, and smectite clay draws out impurities. Ocean Cleanser is also packed full of healing and hydrating ingredients such as jojoba seed oil and algae extract.

2After cleansing, it’s important to tone so your skin is rebalanced and gets additional vitamins. OSEA’s Sea Minerals is made up of exactly what it says – sea minerals! Dead sea salt, algae extract, and aloe leaf juice make this mist very effective in treating acne and sunburns.

3To finish up my quick and easy skincare regimen, I use the Atmosphere Protection Cream. The key to this light moisturizer is macadamia seed oil which is very similar to the natural sebum created by your skin. This creates a barrier to protect the skin from the outside elements, which can cause damage, such as sunburns or breakouts. Avocado oil and algae extract are used to hydrate the skin without clogging it.

img_0123img_0182These simple products which are full of rich ingredients are perfect for my skin! Each product embodies the key to the environments success- Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. Pure and simple ingredients are the key to healthy skin. My favorite ingredient which is seen throughout the OSEA line is algae extract and seaweed. The founders of OSEA have partnered with a family in Patagonia to harvest certified organic seaweed which treats all skin types in various way.

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Feed your skin and enjoy the beginning of fall!


xxxoo Sophia Tatiana